The elementary are finishing their third quarter testing this week. They are also learning how to properly deal with water color painting. The new things they are learning about this month are the weather system, different cloud types, the water cycle. They are also starting to learn about the capitols and what states they belong to.
about 2 hours ago, LIllie Brewer
The first competition for the TSA began in October. The first subject of challenge was building a board game, they were submitting their entries online. Our winners for the first round of competition was Shantay and Jordan, the second place winners were Lizzy and Natilie. The second competition was in December the students were able to travel to Bordman. In this round of competition the middle schoolers were also able to attend. The middle school team swept the competition in Structural Engineering, where they were asked to design a bridge. Alex and Betsie took home first place, following them for second place was Dominic and Kinsley, then it was third place for Lilly and Haylee. They were also allowed to compete in flight and betsie was awarded second place. The high school team Natilie, Lizzy, Shantay, and Jordan, took second place in manufacturing a prototype. The design they put up for competition was a push Dinosaur and Duck toys. In February the high school traveled again to Bordman to compete in architectural design. They had to come up with a low-cost housing duplex, creating a model of just the one unit. Jordan and Shantay were able to place third in this competition. In March they middle school took in digital photography, they worked Individually taking and editing photos. They presented their work via zoom. The results should be in soon.
1 day ago, LIllie Brewer
Beties second place in flight
The high school team holding up their winnings.
Middle school team holding up their winnings
Both middle school and high school teams together
The green house is teaming up with the forest service to create two different pollinator gardens. One will be in the green house at the school, one will be at the forest service compound.
2 days ago, LIllie Brewer
The chemistry students are making rockets to study combustion reactions, the middle school students are finishing their computer science program, by coding their own racing game.
3 days ago, LIllie Brewer
The library will be closed the week of spring break, but will open back up the following week continuing back with regular hours.
4 days ago, LIllie Brewer
Order your books here
And the champion this week is Betsie!!! She joins the weekly winners and got to sign her name on the trophy. She reigns as best broom balancer!
10 days ago, Laura Orr
Champ Betsie
broom game
broom game
broom game
broom game
The elementary kids have recently been learning about the five classification of vertebrates. Well today the group watched a video about frogs and their life cycle. After the video they were asked to color , cut and create a frog an a frog puppet.
11 days ago, LIllie Brewer
100 Days! Congratulations Cougars - and thanks for celebrating the day in 100 year style!
11 days ago, Laura Orr
100 days of school
Ukiah Turns 100! Come help us celebrate!
17 days ago, Laura Orr
100 Celebration
It's Trap Season! Registration for Spring League is open now. Join the fun!
24 days ago, Laura Orr
trap shoot girl
What a great day to celebrate! Valentines Cookies, lessons on Oregons birthday, and some math bingo! Thanks for a great day Ms.Reagan and Mrs.Sandi!
about 1 month ago, Laura Orr
kids decorate cookie
kids decorate cookies
kids decorate cookies
Valentine’s Treats for the students crafted by the Blue Team! Thank you Robert for the lesson in food science and supporting our kids 😍
about 1 month ago, Laura Orr
MS girls making Valentines Treats
MS girls making Valentines treats
A friendly , cooperative math based card game competition - speedy math facts and giggles for an afternoon break. 😎
about 2 months ago, Laura Orr
Oh No 99 team 1
Oh No 99 team 2
Oh No 99 team 3
Oh No 99 team 4
Don't Forget! School Board applications for the current vacancy is due to the school office by February 7th at 4 p.m. For any questions or help, call the district office 541-427-3732
about 2 months ago, Laura Orr
Apple and Pencil Clip Art
The Oregon Department of Education released statewide graduation rate data for the Class of 2022 on Thursday, January 26th. The statewide rate for 21-22 students is 81.3%, which is the second highest graduation rate ever recorded in Oregon. Ukiah School District’s rate is 100%! We were proud to celebrate all our Class of 2022 grads last year. Thank you to everyone who makes student success a priority in our district.
about 2 months ago, Laura Orr
Graduation group clip art
The skies might be a bit grey - but we find our own sunshine! All students had the opportunity to tie-dye Cougars sweatshirts. Creative Cubs!
2 months ago, Laura Orr
Tie-Dye sweatshirts drying
Tie-Dye sweatshirts
Tie-Dye sweatshirts
USD Students invite you to a Open House Show-and-Tell! The event will put students and their work center stage as they share with our community what they are working on and are proud of. All family, friends, and community members are welcome! 5:30-6:30 pm, Thursday, January 26th. Snacks and dessert provided!
2 months ago, Laura Orr
Student Show-and-Tell Clip Art
Thanks to all that joined us for the Student Concert. It is wonderful to see how our community comes together and to share a treat with friends. Have a happy holiday!
3 months ago, Laura Orr
concert ready
concert ready
Santa and elf helpers
Join us Thursday, Dec. 15th at 7:00 pm for the annual Student Holiday Show. Holiday Music and Christmas Cheer for all to share! Santa just might be visiting as well!
3 months ago, Laura Orr
Christmas Performance Clip Art
Don't Forget! School Board applications for the two current vacancies are due to the school office by December 9th at 4 p.m. For any questions or help, call the district office 541-427-3732
4 months ago, Laura Orr
Don't Forget Clip Art