ODE Integrated Guidance Grant

Ukiah School District is a very small district of a single K-12 building  serving an average of 25 students.  This student population is served by a team of 3 full time teachers, 2 part time, 2 aides, a library tech,  office manager, and one administrator.  Despite the limited staff, the students are offered a wide range of educational opportunities including two complete CTE Programs of Study, dual-credit and advanced course options, extra-curricular activities in athletics and STEAM, music, art, and hands-on experiences.

Due to the small teaching population, blended learning classrooms, and limited space, many of our classes and activities are integrated in nature.  The funding we receive will be used to support providing students with educational opportunities and access to resources at all levels.  Programs to support learning in STEAM and CTE fields are popular with students and their families.  The budget uses the demand and need for these programs as the core of our grant planning and development.  Funds will be used to continue building and developing strong systems of support for our students academically and emotionally as well as address improving needed community relationships.  

IG Strategies and Objectives

The investments we have planned with these Initiative funds are directly tied to the following Outcomes and the Strategies that will be implemented to achieve them.  

Outcome A:  Strengthen parent and community partnerships

-Establish systems that describe and reinforce the roles and expectations of district stakeholders

-Establish systems that improve district-community communications to promote student success and provide family engagement

-Strengthen systems to identify and respond to student and family needs (academic, behavioral, extra-curricular)

Outcome B:  Ensure and prioritize well-rounded education through continuous commitment to flexible, extended, and advanced opportunities for all students and staff.

-Prioritize intentional course offerings and master schedule building that allows for as much variety and expanded opportunities for students

-Establish effective student growth monitoring systems and supports to inform instructional practices

-Provide systems of support for expanded options, varied course offerings, CTE programming, advanced courses, and student opportunities

Outcome C:  Improve and Support Staff Retention and Recruitment

-Support K-12 professional development in high-yield instructional practices

-Provide space, dedicated time, and support for teachers to regularly meet to discuss pedagogy, student data, evaluate curriculum, and problems of practice

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