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Ukiah School is nestled in the foothills of the Blue Mountains of Eastern Oregon. The community of Ukiah, Oregon hosts our white school house as a prominent fixture, proudly capping the hill on the north side of town. white school

  The current school building was built in 1926, and has served in educating the youth of the Camas Valley for 84 years. 

Ukiah School is now well known for hosting students both domestic and foreign as part of the Boarding School in the Blues Program. More information on that program can be found by calling or emailing us.      

In Ukiah, grades K-12 are housed together in the white school house, reminiscent of the old fashioned one room school house.  Classes from preschool to 5th grade are housed in the north wing, while the rest of the students share classrooms surrounding the open foyer of the school, contributing to the open and interactive relationships we are proud to promote.  The unique environment in Ukiah allows for close interaction of students of various ages as well as school staff. 

While the main focus of schooling is academics, Ukiah also encourages participation in extra-curricular activities.  Ukiah School fields teams for high school aged students as part of the 1-A High Desert League under the Oregon School Activities Association.  Students participate in volleyball, soccer, basketball, skiing, snowboarding, and track and field.  Not all activities are sports related. There is the Technology Student Association and the yearbook club. In addition, Ukiah students and community members come together to present plays and attend cultural experiences of interest thought the academic year. 

Ukiah School staff are highly motivated to encourage and assist in their students success.  Academics are cultivated into life long passions for learning and growing.  The low student teacher ratios allow for near one on one interaction, and the ability to ensure students of all ages and abilities can feel confident and successful.